Friday, October 13, 2017

4 Horror Movies That’ll Make Your Skin Crawl (in a Good Way)

Creepy, freaky, and frightfully absurd, these four horror movies are always good for a chilling thrill – especially on Friday the 13th.


The Evil Dead


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While the premise of this horror flick follows the same old ordinary plot of five college students out in a remote cabin, the demonic forces they accidentally unleash are anything but ordinary. Those forces come to life after the unsuspecting group happens to run across a book and audio tape of incantations.

Low-budget, savage, and darkly humorous, this 1981 horror fest directed by Sam Raimi is everything you crave in a creepy movie. Combine it with the follow-up of Evil Dead II, released in 1987, for a dreadful double feature.


Just because this frightful flick is really old and little known doesn’t mean it should be forgotten. In fact, you only need to see this monstrous 1932 movie once to have it engrained in your brain forever. A gorgeous trapeze artist pretends to love the manager of a sideshow performance troupe, but she only really marries him to get at his money. You need to see what the manager’s band of freaks does when they find out what his new wife is all about.

The Exorcist


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No matter how many times you watch this twisted 1973 flick, seeing Linda Blair’s head spin around like an owl never gets old. A 12-year-old girl’s mother notices something’s not quite right with her daughter a bit earlier than that, of course, something that eventually requires a full-fledged exorcism.

The Omen


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With its combination of ominous music and a young boy who just may happen to be the Antichrist, you can’t go wrong with “The Omen.” Here a happily married couple starts to think it’s more than just bad luck that horrific things always seem to happen around their young son Damien. The musical score in this 1976 flick won Jerry Goldsmith an Academy Award, by the way.

Don’t be tempted to sit down with the 2006 remake, either. One critic said the remake was like listening to the cover of a Beatles tune. You really want to like it, but all it makes you do is yearn for the original.

Take in one of the movies after a shopping trip to Clarendon Centre, and your Friday the 13th will be complete!