Thursday, October 26, 2017

5 iOS 11 Features You Absolutely Need to Know

New features are part of the landscape of any new operating system, and a ton of them came with the recently released iOS 11. Check out five features you absolutely need to know when putting iOS 11 into action.


Revamped Control Center

Instead of being crammed in a little box near the bottom of the screen, the new Control Center now takes up an entire page. You may need to hunt around to find controls you’re used to, such as Night Shift, but you can customise the layout a tad for quicker access to your favourite features.

Easier Wi-Fi Connection

Isn’t it always annoying when you’re visiting a pal and you have to enter a big-long-horrible password to access Wi-Fi? Now you don’t. If your pal or anyone else on the premises happens to have a device running iOS 11, all you need to do is hold your phone next to their device and the password is shared instantly.

Harder Wi-Fi Disconnection

You used to be able to shut off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth by toggling their respective icons in the Control Center, but now it takes a bit more effort. Head into the Settings option, select Wi-Fi and/or Bluetooth, and toggle the switch from there. Leaving a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection when you don’t actively need it not only drains the battery, but it also leaves services enabled in the background.

‘Do Not Disturb’ Driving Mode

Despite the warnings about texting while driving, sometimes we just can’t help but glance at an incoming message or text. Break the habit by putting your device in “Do Not Disturb” mode, which mutes all notifications while you're behind the wheel. Head into the Settings option to set up the feature.

Emergency Mode Option

If you’re ever in an emergency situation that requires immediate assistance, iOS 11 emergency mode helps ensure you’ll get it. To activate emergency mode, press the sleep/wake button five times. The feature can call emergency services and your emergency contacts. It also disables TouchID on your phone so no one else has access to the info on your device.

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