Wednesday, September 20, 2017

5 Most Amazing Things about SNS Manicures

While all manicures can be amazing, they differ based on the techniques that are used. One of the hottest manicure techniques that’s been going strong for the past few years is the SNS manicure. SNS stands for Signature Nail Systems, and it’s a nail dipping system with a hearty set of benefits.


The process starts with a gel base brushed on the nail, followed by a dip in a powder. Powder colours range from natural pink and white all the way to bold and brazen hues. The powder not only perks up the nail with colour, but it actually strengthens the nail. That happens to be the top benefit on our list, but it’s not the only amazing thing about the SNS manicure.

Strong yet Lightweight

While the SNS manicure strengthens nails, it doesn’t weight them down. The coating feels lighter on the nail than some other techniques, even though the powder is known to be stronger than some gels. SNS likewise beats out traditional acrylics for durability and flexibility.

Looks Natural

SNS manicures give you a thinner coating than shellac and acrylic, providing a more natural appearance.

Less Filing and Dust

If you’re not a fan of the filing that comes with certain nail treatments, then you’ll be a big fan of SNS. SNS manicures typically require less filing, which means less dust, a benefit for both client and manicure pro.

No Need for UV Lights

Shellac is a strong manicure option, but it also requires the use of UV lights to bond the product to the nail. SNS manicures don’t. While the amount of UV radiation emitted from one session under a nail-drying lamp may be miniscule, it can add up over period of repeated use. SNS skips the step if UV lights give you a cause for concern.

Removal Keeps Nails Intact

When it comes time to remove a SNS manicure, the process involves sanding off the gel surface and then soaking the nails in acetone. When done correctly and carefully by a pro, the natural nail remains intact.

While SNS manicures can stay on your nails as long as you wish, you’ll probably want refills every two to three weeks. Now open at the Clarendon Centre in South Melbourne, Queen Nails & Beauty is the place to go for SNS manicures. In fact, you can easily outsource your daily beauty tasks by visiting once a week!