Friday, August 26, 2016

5 Reasons Why Vietnamese Street Food Is Your Spring Go-To

Spring is upon us, and that means it's time to expand our tastebuds horizons. Here, 5 mouth-watering reasons why Vietnamese street food is always the answer.



Traditional Vietnamese street food utilises a wide variety of flavours then carefully balances these within a single dish, where the results prove nothing but perfection every time. Nutritious and delicious, Vietnamese street food offers incredible value for money, while allowing you to experience the true tastes of Vietnam, which brings us to...


It's local, it's authentic and it's absolutely, exciting. Often when you eat at an authentic Vietnamese restaurant, you consume a meal made by the hands of a chef whose dedication to this speciality cuisine is the result of learning recipes that've been passed down from countless generations. So not only do you fulfil your appetite without weighing yourself down, but you also partake in the food of Vietnam, which proves a phenomenal part of the culture - all without having to travel there. Win-win!


So, now you're probably wondering what's on the menu? Well, ever-popular favourites (and dishes you must try) include bread roll sensation Banh Mì (otherwise known as a Vietnamese baguette), exquisite noodle soup craze Phở, rice paper roll delicacy Gỏi Cuốn, broken rice wonder Cơm Tấm and Vermicelli.


Some may like it hot, others mild...then there's cold. And the great part about Vietnamese food is that because there's so much variety, you don't need to compromise. Whether you opt for a cool appetiser then a hot main, the choosing is all yours. And unlike some traditional cuisines, Vietnamese street food is just that - "street", so there are no strict rules except we assume one...enjoy every mouthful!


Sharing a meal with family and friends is an important part of the Vietnamese culture, and when it comes to street food - there's no better time to grab your family and friends, gather round the table and let the smiles keep on coming! Now that you've read all about how delicious Vietnamese street food is, how about you realise its potential for yourself.