Friday, September 30, 2016

5 Simple Tips To Sort Your Spring Bouquet

Flowers can make all the difference between a cold and warm interior. Here, 5 simple tips for making your own bouquet this Spring.



The colours we choose and the way we design has a lot to say about our personal taste. Whether you opt for minimalist-chic or prefer more bohemian-style living, choose the colour shades that best complement your present interior. If you're a believer of horoscopes and your "lucky" colour, appreciate colour symbolism or just favour certain colours - then (mindfully) add what makes your own heart blossom. Though, keep in mind contrast, less is more and you either match-and-match or mix-and-match.


Now that you've decided your colour scheme, it's time to arrange the size of your selection accordingly. If you prefer small-bloom flowers over long-stemmed flowers, or just adore a particular flower but it doesn't match the rest of your bunch, then don't be afraid to trim away! If you're dealing with branches, ensure you cut any twigs that reach downward into the water; especially, if you're using a clear vase. For vases that aren't see-through, using an elastic band to gather your bouquet works wonders in presenting a bountiful, clean and well formed bunch.


Knowing what type of flower you're working with, their lifespan and requirements, are all factors which will assist you with size, maintenance, situation and overall, how best to organise their lovely display. For flowers like roses and tulips, the shorter the stem - the more stunning the visual aesthetic becomes, while long-stemmed flowers like daisies, sunflowers and carnations, are meant to stand tall. And for spiritual-like flowers, such as chrysanthemums, these beauties look wonderful floating stemless. Again, your personal preferences will come into play.


Don't fear creativity, be daring and embrace it! For example, if you're bored of the typical clear glass-cylindrical vase, then use a large porcelain jug instead or a rustic pot for a more urban feel. Add coloured water for the ultimate attraction, wrap ribbon around your vase or surround your bouquet with small bits and pieces; candles, ornaments, photo frames and other varied home decor accessories.


You'd be surprised by how much beauty there is behind every flower. Each type of flower has a story to tell right from its roots, which reveals its symbolism, purpose and potential for a special occasion. There are exceptional wedding flowers and then there are ample funeral flowers, there are flowers you give to your grandma and flowers you give to your lover. To unlock such magnificence, simply research, buy books (which also make for great decoration) or visit your local florist and have a chat, which will surely be special!

For bouquets already made to perfection, your interior will love what Clarendon's Floral Fantasy has to offer. Open Monday to Saturday from 8:30am - 5:30pm, as the store name suggests, here your floral fantasies become reality! Catering for corporate and weddings, and a fast courier service is also available.

Petal your way over!