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6 Saavy Ways To Decorate Your Easter Eggs

With Easter just a week away, it's time to get egg-cited. Here, 6 saavy ways to decorate your eggs.



Nothing says "let's celebrate" quite like glitter! This Easter, try glitz and glamour by simply dipping each egg into a small-sized bowl of glue. Then, sprinkle glitter on top - it's that easy! For patterns, in particular polka dots or stripes, first apply double sided tape to the desired area, then continue to the normal method.



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Believe it or not, an egg makes the perfect flower vase. Both hip and ultra cute, simply crack an egg at the top, empty the shell and place a short-stemmed flower inside. For practical reasons, using an artificial flower works best, while displaying your egg vases in a trio is the most visually stunning.



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In the same way you'd paint a canvas, you can also paint an egg. For optimum results, use white coloured eggs, which are the easiest to paint on. This type of egg will also dry faster, and proves an ample surface for your masterpiece. Embellish these eggs with hand drawn flowers and leaves, and guests will be calling you Egg Monet.



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Now this is cute. Actually, you'd be surprised by how many farm animals you can make using eggs. Popular picks include pigs, sheep, roosters and of course, rabbits. Use blown out eggs so you can freely glue bits and pieces, and then draw any other features belonging to that animal.



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This all-time favourite gives the impression that a chicken is about to hatch! While some eggs naturally have speckles, you can also make your own. Bound to be more fabulous and ever-festive, dye or chalk-paint white eggs using pastel colours, such as baby blue, mint green or rose pink, and then commence speckling by tapping a paintbrush over or across from each egg.



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With the marvellous 'Påsk Ägg Paper Egg' from kikki.K, you won't need a real egg, you'll only need this paper! Adding the element of surprise to your festivities, stuff this Paper Egg with delicious chocolates or small prizes and give as a gift to your guests.

Find the essential 'Easter Hunt Kit' at The Clarendon Centre's kikki.K, open 6 days a week, and choose from an optimal selection of gifts and goods this Easter.

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