Monday, October 31, 2016

6 Saucy Hair Styles For The Races

With Melbourne Cup Day upon us, it's time to get your hair done. To help you decide on your head-turning look, here are 6 popular hairstyles at the races this year.



Surely, this one does not fascinate you. For as long as anyone can remember, the fascinator has always been the prominent pick as it's of course, the most fitting for the occasion. Whether you opt for a small headband or a large organza hat, there are several ways to wear them. The fascinator is typically worn on the right side of your head, particularly important to remember when styling the hairnet variety.


It's all about the flower power this year, and there's no season better than spring to let your beauty blossom! Especially lovely when complementing lace or silk clothing, a floral headpiece proves the prettiest accessory for any lovely lady unafraid to stand out.


As the name would suggest, this is one tasty-looking hairstyle! Sophisticated, flattering and the decadent look for several types of events, this stunner is actually a whole lot easier to achieve than imagined. In fact, the sponge-like accessory you need to work the trick is often called 'the hair donut accessory'. Head into your local hair shop or salon, and they'll definitely know what you're talking about.


Wearing a feather can sometimes be very risky, especially depending on the rest of your outfit and the length of the feather, but for the show-stoppers, bold and brave alike, we say rock it! After all, Melbourne Cup Day only comes around once a year. And if you have a pixie haircut or short hair, then combine a side feather with a slick-back hairdo and this hairstyle becomes the daring yet feminine wonder.


For those who like to play it safe or just let their hair down on a day out, then luscious locks are the way to go. This hairstyle is best worn on those with medium or long-length hair, as the curls are able to fall better - resulting in a loose, lovely wave. When your hair is long, your hairdresser has a lot more hair to work with, which makes it incredibly easier to give volume.


This is certainly of the simplest-looking hairstyles but don't be fooled, because usually the easier it looks - the harder it was to achieve. It's a look only some can execute with true ease, and is definitely the embodiment of effortless chic. If you opt for this look, ensure your accessories are bold to counterbalance your facial features and to spruce your outfit, where an oversized pair of earrings will definitely work in your favour.

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