Tuesday, December 04, 2018

7 Delicious Catering Options for Your Holiday Office Party

Looking for catering for your office Christmas party? Look no further than Clarendon Centre, where these eight shops are ready for action.


Etto Pasta

Fresh pasta cooked-up with equally fresh and delicious sauces is a treat for any office any time, but especially during the holidays. Etto Pasta offers flavoursome catered Italian feasts starting as low as $15 per head. Learn more.

Bakers Delight

Serve up a double delight for your office Christmas party with Brioche Delights from Bakers Delight. These rich and tender pastries are made from scratch every morning, filled with options that range from Nutella to jam. Get more yummy details.

Koffi Bar

For super tasty salads, sandwiches, wraps and fresh-baked breakfast goods, Koffi Bar has your entire office covered. Catering options include lunches and snacks that range from fat-free yoghurts to captivating cakes. The varied selection offers something for everyone. See more.

Mad Mex

Transform your office party into a full-blown fiesta with Mad Mex Mexican food. This place is famous for providing the fresh, delicious and authentic flavours of Mexico with every dish. Catering options range from gourmet burritos to DIY taco kits. Spice up your office with more info.


Flame-grilled Portuguese chicken and brilliant burgers – including the crowd-pleasing pack of sliders – are on the catering menu at Oporto, as are many other options. Choose from a fun selection of lunches, snacks and dipping sauces to add a burst of tasty fun to your party. Check ’em out.

Sushi Top

Bring the tantalising taste of Japan and Korea to your holiday office party with fresh sushi favourites and combinations from Sushi Top. Get a great catch with a 56-piece Sushi Platter for $41.50, or a 44-piece Mixed Sushi Platter for $42. More info.

The Cupcake Queens

Office party cupcakes from the Cupcake Queens aren’t only fresh-baked daily, but they can even be fashioned to feature your company logo. As the largest suppliers of edible image and logo cupcakes in Australia, this shop literally puts the icing on the cake for your holiday celebration. Learn more.

Make your office Christmas party a celebration to remember with catering from shops at Clarendon Centrhttps://www.instagram.com/p/BqGbynjg6sb/e today.