Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Brighten Your Autumn With OPI

One thing's for sure, OPI know what's hot. Polish your autumn with these 6 fresh new nail colours - ready to rock your world.



The Perfect Purple


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While some prefer vibrant vibes, others like to dim it down. As part of the exclusive Style Unlimited series, 'Infinite Shine' is the in-between of all scenes - the perfect colour for every passionate. This on-trend colour is your go-to for professional meets fashionista.


The Cheerful Coral


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Live, love, carnaval! If life's a party, then this cheerful coral is your one-way ticket! Vivacious and impossible to miss, this fun colour was made for those babes who just know how to live. And baby, don't be afraid to shine - because now's the time.


The Tasteful Taupe


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Warm nights in Morocco, free-spirited dwells by the beach and weekend getaways are what come to mind when we think of 'Taupeless Beach'. Tasteful, subtle-chic and divine, this taupe colour was made for those who simply embrace the beautiful things in life.


The Luscious Lavender


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Pretty-in-pink and always on fleek, she lets the world know there's no holding back. Feminine and timelessly fashionable, 'Lucky Lucky Lavender' proves OPI's unique concoction, which boasts a colour different to its name. This is autumn in love.


The Beguiling Blue


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Bursting in blue, the 'I Believe In Manicures' is your proof that nail dreams do come true. Both funky and fresh, this buoyant blue is sure to add the essential pop of colour to any outfit. Make a statement both eccentric and charming, as you shine a light on the crowd.


The Wonderful White


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Marvellous in monochrome, the 'Alpine Snow' colour is effortlessly wonderful in white. Don't be fooled by its simplicity, because this bold colour is truly for the daring. Whether you're dark-skinned or as fair as snow white, this colour beautifully flatters all skin tones.

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