Friday, August 19, 2016

Carbalicious! 5 Breads To Break Into This Spring

So delicious, it's carbalicious! Taking 100% breadspiration from Bakers Delight, here are 5 breads worth breaking into this spring.




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The Cape Seed Loaf is currently Bakers Delight's "#1 healthiest bread", which they're awarding "the champion of breads!" - and for great reason. Loaded with 11 grains, beans and seeds, this is one nutritious and delicious bread you need to break into! Whether used as a base for your scrambled eggs and spinach breakky or like the mouth-watering ricotta and pear afternoon tea pictured, the cape seed loaf is sure to fulfil your appetite while leaving your insides smiling!



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Satiate your sweet tooth with a melting chocolate croissant that'll take your tastebuds to heaven. Just because the weather's getting warmer, doesn't mean we love chocolate any less! A chocolate croissant proves the perfect pastry for those who like the sweet and savoury...but always choose sweet by just that little bit (or lot) more.



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Yes, pizza's bread too! And with Bakers Delight's strategically sized pizzas, available for a limited time only, pizza won't just be for dinner! With their two new fresh flavours 'Fiery Jalapeño' (The Heat Machine) and 'American Hot Dog' (The Taste Dominator), it's a tasty war between hot and classic original...and the tasting is all yours. The Fiery Jalapeño is topped with jalapeños, cheese, salami and capsicums, while the American Hot Dog is just as the name suggests, but only now as a pizza with sliced franks, bacon, mustard and of course...cheese. Chances are you'll devour both!



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Savoury sensation and all-time favourite, the ever-popular sourdough bread varieties continue to charm appetites and win stomachs every time. So if you haven't already discovered that sourdough bread is one of life's greatest gifts...well we could tell you, or you could just eat it? Either way, we're confident. Renowned for enhancing the palatability and texture of fibre-filled products, sourdough can be eaten with any meal, or simply on its own - delectable. Sourdough bread is also praised for improving digestion and by comparison, is wonderful through its own natural preservation.



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But first, bread. Breakfast anyone? Kickstart your day with a slice of the cinnamon and fruit loaf alongside a hot coffee, and don't be surprised when you leave the house beaming! Or at Bakers Delight, you can get your hands on this palatable and heart-warming favourite freshly toasted.

Bready for more? Make your way into Clarendon's everyday bakery, Bakers Delight, open 7 days a week for your full enjoyment, where you'll find their enticing range of fresh breads and treats is simply...delightful.

It's so tasty, tasty!