Friday, September 23, 2016

Cold Press Your Way Through Spring

If you haven't jumped on the bandwagon, know that cold pressed is not your average juice. Here, how your healthier life is just a bottle away.


What Is Cold-Pressed Juice?

Unlike a centrifugal juicer (that produces your average pasteurised supermarket juice), a cold pressed juice is made from a hydraulic press, which crushes and presses the fruit and vegetables in order to retain the highest amount of vitamins, enzymes and minerals as it majorly extracts nectar from both the pulp and fibre. The result? Absolutely marvellous - tasty, raw and of course, fresh.

Major Benefits?

A stronger mind, clearer skin, mood elevation and increased energy are all renowned benefits of consuming cold-pressed juice, while it's important to highlight when drinking a cold-pressed green juice; you consume chlorophyll, which cleanses your insides and motivates healthier blood. Through its organic ingredients, cold-pressed juice provides a phenomenal amount of nutrients, giving your immune system and bloodstream the essential boost with potential detoxification.

In terms of the impact these nutrients provide, attaining the same amount that you get from one average-sized cold-pressed juice would require eating a large amount of greens. Since everyday commitments can make it hard to eat all of the fruits and vegetables our bodies need, cold-pressed juice offers a fast, delicious and nutritious option that's incredibly easy - just grab a bottle and go! And if you're looking to lose weight or work toward a more balanced diet, cold-pressed juice is truly the way to go. By consuming this significant amount of greens in liquid form, you're able to condition your tastebuds to build a likeness and in turn, curb your cravings.

Where Can I Get One?

This newer health-craze is rapidly growing with more cold-pressed juice bars and kiosks opening every year, and as you can tell - for an exceptional purpose. Clarendon's favourite juice stop, Organic Avenue, "a destination for health inspired people who want to make a positive change in their life", open 6 days a week, deliver a remarkable range of 100% raw, organic cold-pressed juice sourced from only the best organic farmers in Australia.

Their dedicated team is filled with passionate 'Agents Of Change' who cherish health and wellbeing above all, and are there to help you enrich your health. And the awesome part? It's just as fun as it is good for you! With green juice ranges like 'Field Of Greens' and 'Hop To It', juice hits 'Summer Loving', 'Immunity' and 'A Touch Of Passion', Mylks 'Espresso Almond Myth' and loads more, you're sure to find the perfect juice for whatever you're feeling (and need).

Get Juicy With It!