Monday, February 12, 2018

Finish off Febfast with a Delicious and Healthy Bang

Febfast is moving fast, but there’s still plenty of time to participate. As a reminder, febfast gives Australians a chance to support disadvantaged youth across the country by simply take a break from alcohol, sugar or other item of your choice throughout the month of February.


This "pause for a cause" is powered by Youth Support + Advocacy Service (YSAS), and you may be amazed how empowered you feel after a month without sugar or alcohol. This particularly holds true if you turn to alternatives found at The Clarendon Centre.

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Taking a Break from Booze?

Pausing from alcohol lets your body revamp after the summer and seasonal festivities, and it can be pretty easy when delicious alternatives abound. Drinking plenty of water is a great start, especially if you add a spritz of citrus to make plain water more refreshing.

Health tonics from Pressed Juices are positively perfect as another choice, as are several options from Evelyn Faye Nutrition.

Kick back with an organic burst of Appleachia sparkling apple cider vinegar, infused with fruity undertones.

Excite your taste buds with a low-sugar, alcohol-free pina colada smoothie, crafted with pineapple, spinach, mint leaves, avocado, hemp seed and a dash of Matcha Maiden powder.

Suspending the Sugar?

A vacation from sugar may be just what your body needs after a season surging with sugary treats. Alternatives here start with naturally sweet, nutty and invigorating coconut water from Pressed Juices, unprocessed goodness poured straight from the coconut.

Fortifying fresh fruits make a scrumptious snack, whether you munch them straight-up or puree into a sensational smoothie.

You can also skip the sugar in favour of SweetLeaf Stevia, a natural sweetener that’s sugar-free, carbohydrate-free and available at Evelyn Faye.

The Bottom Line

Febfast is a fabulous way to support Australia’s disadvantaged young people as well as your overall health and wellness. You also get to discover how deliciously healthy life can be with sugar and alcohol alternatives. In fact, you may enjoy the experience so much, you may turn febfast into a way of life.

Swing by Clarendon Centre any time to pick up more coconut water, fresh juice or other natural alternatives.