Friday, September 21, 2018

Freshest Nail Colours to Try This Spring

Fresh, airy and o-so-sweet is a fab way to describe spring – as well as the top nail colours for the season. The aim with this spring’s nail colour collection is to leave winter’s delightfully dark and dramatic colours behind, moving forward with a blossoming bouquet of refreshing hues. Queen Nails and Beauty is just the place to do it, too, with a lineup of nail treatments and colours perfect for spring’s warmer weather.


Perfectly Pink Pastels

Who knew pink pastels came in so many variations? They do. Choose from a warmer, deeper bubble-gum-like pink that makes a delicious statement, or opt for a pink so light it’s nearly white. Another springtime way to wear pink is with a Queen Nails and Beauty pink and white nail treatment, available in acrylic, gels or the nail-dipping SNS.

No matter how light or deep you go, pink perks up the world – and your nails – for spring.

Luscious Lavender

Purple is another perky pick for spring, giving your nails a truly delightful look. Stick with the lighter purples, such as lavender, violet and the blue-purple of periwinkle to keep the warm and happy spring vibe alive.

Brilliant Brights

Give springtime sunshine some hefty competition with brilliantly bright nail colours. One of the top choices here is a stunning yellow, which is sure to grab attention, as well as compliments, everywhere you go. Stick with an all-yellow nail treatment, or use yellow as an accent combined with other colours, such as a marvelous magenta and a no-nonsense white.

Sensational Sage Green

Spring explodes with everything green, including the hottest nail colours. Sage green fits the bill with style, featuring lighter specks for a sparkle that truly make your nails shine.

Amazing Auburn

Earth tones are always a classic spring pick, particularly when they’re drop-dead gorgeous like this amazing auburn. While darker than other spring hues, it's an exception that makes a splendid statement.

Powder Blue and Egyptian Blue

Blue brings on thoughts of tranquility, calm – and fanciful fun when you pick the charming spring colours of powder blue and Egyptian blue. Both are show-stoppers, for sure.

Not only does Queen Nails and Beauty serve up the expert nail treatments at affordable prices, but the shop sticks with OPI, EzFlow and other top nail colour brands. Give your nails the fresh look and feel they deserve for spring. Book an appointment or swing by Queen Nails and Beauty in The Clarendon Centre today.