Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Halloween Office Party Essentials from Clarendon Centre

Getting your office ready for a fabulous Halloween party takes more than throwing a few fake spider webs across the cubicle walls. It takes delightful decorations, tasty treats and easy-to-wear costumes – all things you can pick up from several retailers during your next trip to Clarendon Centre.


The Cupcake Queens

Sweeten your office with a collection of cutely creepy cupcakes with a Halloween Gift Box from The Cupcake Queens. The full-size gift box contains a dozen delightful full-size cupcakes, or you can opt for the Halloween Mini Gift Box with 24 mini cupcakes. Order either one, or both, at least one day in advance to ensure delivery in time for the festivities.


For Halloween office parties that are after-hours or otherwise involve imbibing, Liquorland stocks a generous supply of beverages in which to imbibe. Get inspired with a batch of spooky drink recipes from the shop, with options that range from the Morgue-a-Rita to the Caramel Apple Punch.


A Halloween office party cannot subsist on cupcakes and spooky drinks alone. Whip up or pick up additional treats from Coles Supermarket, which has all the fixings for two delicious options. The Funny Fruit Platter features a lineup of kiwi, watermelon, bananas, mixed berries and grapes crafted into creatively monstrous shapes.

Spooky Sushi Balls are another kooky treat you can serve up, with ingredients from Clarendon Centre’s Coles.

More Coles

Coles also stocks an array of costumes and wearable Halloween accessories you can add to your usual office garb. Feel free to dress up in full costume regalia, or go for a quick Halloween fix with something easy like a black witch hat.

Floral Fantasy

Your final Halloween party task is to deck out the office with flair. That’s easy and gorgeous with arrangements from Floral Fantasy. Have the shop use their magic to create a series of autumnal displays, or choose your own orange and yellow blooms to showcase atop a jar full of candy corn.

A visit to Clarendon Centre is all you need to make your Halloween office party a real blast. Stop by for your essentials today.