Friday, October 19, 2018

How to Choose the Right Fascinator for the Races

Choosing the right fascinator for the races means picking one that complements, rather than competes with your outfit. You want to pinpoint a fascinator that provides the perfect balance for your dress while giving you a stunning finishing touch. Here are key aspects to consider as you narrow down your choices to find the fascinator that's calling your name.


Size and Shape


Look for a fascinator that balances out the silhouette of your outfit with a complementary size and shape. A wide, full skirt would mesh well with a larger, round fascinator, while a sleek, body-hugging dress would align better with a fascinator sporting a taller design.

Look for a fascinator that continues the shape of the dress. A dress with severe angles would do well with a fascinator with an equally dramatic shape. A dress with soft, rounder curves, on the other hand, would align well with a round fascinator.

Colour and Pattern


The colour of your fascinator should align with the colours in your dress, either matching the overall colour scheme or highlighting a single, stand-out hue. You can also pick a single aspect of your dress’s pattern, such as a rose from a floral pattern, to use as the starting point for selecting your fascinator.

Add-ons and Details


While you want your overall look to make a statement, you don’t want it to be a statement that overwhelms the senses. The details and complexity of your outfit plays a role in how busy or complex your fascinator needs to be.

A busy outfit that features loads of eye-catching details typically does better with a straightforward, rather simple fascinator that pulls the look together with sophisticated polish. A simpler outfit may welcome a more detailed fascinator, such as one sporting various textures, colours or a collection of multi-coloured butterflies.

While these tips can serve as a guide for choosing the right fascinator for spring racing season, you’re certainly welcome to break the so-called rules if you fall in love with a hat you simply have to have. In addition to looking fabulous, fascinators are designed to bring on plenty of smiles and fun.

Have fun selecting your perfect fascinator from Believera Millinery, open now at Clarendon Centre. Swing by today.