Friday, July 13, 2018

How To Stack A Burger

People are serious about stacking their burgers. And they're even more serious when someone gets it wrong. This came to light when Google made a horrific mistake with its hamburger emoji. Instead of showing the little cartoon hamburger with the burger topped by cheese, Google's hamburger emoji put the cheese underneath the burger.


A Twitter outcry resulted in Google's immediate redesign of its hamburger emoji, putting the cheese on top of the burger where it rightly belongs.

To help everyone get it right going forward, the folks at KooKoo burger bar in The Clarendon Centre put together a rundown of the proper burger stack. This stack starts from the top and works its way down.

How To Stack A Burger

Top bun: Nothing but your hands should go above the top bun.

Condiments: Sauce, mayo and other condiments can be slathered on either the top or bottom bun. If using two condiments, put one on the top and one on the bottom bun to avoid excess slipperiness on one end or the other.

Cheese: The cheese goes directly on top of the patty, letting the heat from the meat give it a little melt. Not only does this make it scrumptious, but it helps to hold the toppings above in place. Patty: Under the cheese. KooKoo's patties are slightly smashed, sensationally thick, and super juicy. You can also opt for one patty get two, with all kinds of different fixings.

Tomato: With a slippery texture, tomatoes like to slip and slide out of the burger stack. Put them directly beneath the patty so they have a rougher or stickier texture that helps hold them in place.

Pickles: Toppings like pickles, which are small and often irregularly shaped, do best beneath the patty so they have something to weigh them down.

Lettuce and onion: The lettuce can serve as a barrier to protect the bottom bun. You also want it far enough away from the burger so the burger's heat doesn't make it wilt. Put the onion beneath the lettuce.

Bottom bun: Bottom layer that contains and protects.

Even with the extraordinary variety of burger toppings, combinations and other options at KooKoo's, the staff always gets their burger stacking right. Swing by today to check for yourself.