Tuesday, February 14, 2017

I Love You Like A Cupcake

Happy Valentine's Day! If you love someone 'like a kid loves cake', why not make it a cupcake? Here, feel the love with these 5 must-try flavours from The Cupcake Queens.



For the classics.

This gluten-free bestseller is sure to hit the spot. Combining an irrestible icing, that melts on the tip of your tongue, together with a classic chocolate mud flavour, 'Chocolate Mud' proves a sure winner for those who adore traditionally-tasty with a hint of excitement.


For the sweethearts.

This is a traditional Valentine's and Christmas Day cake. Red Velvet, a most populous choice, is also perfect for those who love variety. The 'Red Sparkle' Cupcake combines a moist, crumby red velvet base with the quintessential cream cheese icing on top.


For the creatives.

Most will wonder just what makes a salted caramel cupcake so divine? Well, we'd have to say it comes down to brown sugar, a salted caramel buttercream frosting and of course, a caramel stuffing, which leaves your mouth watering and your stomach gloating. Though, not everyone can achieve such magnificence. So, make sure you try the real deal at The Cupcake Queens.


For the fruities.

For the more health-conscious who aren't prepared to overindulge, the fruit and vegetable lovers alike, and the fans of more savoury than sweet - you'll experience the ideal treat with this scrumptious 'Carrot' cupcake. It's popularly said that "a balanced diet is having a cupcake in each hand". And since it's a special occassion, we're sticking to that!


For the passionate.

Go big or go home? The 'Rocky Road' cupcake is like the Taj Mahal of desserts, embodying a heavenly concoction of marshmallows, nuts and of course, chocolate! If you have a sweet tooth, then you've just found your present. Delectably chunky and smooth at the same time, this cupcake is certain to appetise your sweet desires.

Drooling? Feast your eyes on the ultimate selection in-store today at The Cupcake Queens inside The Clarendon Centre, open 7 days a week, where both gluten-free and vegan options are available. You can also request custom-made orders for special events and more. Follow The Cupcake Queens for more stunning pictures, or like on Facebook to receive the latest updates, specials and more.

Happy Valentine's Day!