Thursday, September 20, 2018

Vegan Options at Mad Mex: Yes Please to New Vegan Cheese

Mexican fare is packed with fresh veggies, beans and other vegetable-based ingredients, although many vegans may have had to dive into a dish without the cheese. Not anymore. Mad Mex’s new vegan cheese lets you add another generous layer of deliciousness to our wide array of vegan options on the menu.



The best Baja-style burrito this side of the Pacific just got better, with three different burritos boasting totally vegan options. Vegan cheese and veggie rancheros filling are at the heart of these solidly satisfying meals, rolled into your choice of soft flour or charcoal tortilla. A naked burrito gives you one more option, with the fillings piled high in a bowl instead of rolled in a tortilla.


The word quesadilla translates to “little cheesy thing,” and Mad Mex vegan quesadillas give our new vegan cheese a starring role. Combine the delectable cheese with veggie rancheros filling, then get it toasted up to melted perfection on either a soft flour or charcoal tortilla.


Whether you dig a crunchy outer shell or a soft shell option, you’re going to dig our vegan tacos. Savor the sensational mix of veggie rancheros filling and vegan cheese with your choice of crispy corn, soft flour or soft corn shells.


Nachos just wouldn’t be right without the cheese, and our vegan cheese makes nachos right for everybody. Dive into a stack of corn chips cascaded with veggie rancheros and ladles of cheese, adding salsa and guacamole as desired.

Grande Melt

Our Grande Melt is similar to a burrito, but with a crunchy twist. You still get an enormous portion of veggie rancheros and vegan cheese rolled in your choice of soft flour or charcoal tortilla, but it comes toasted to a crisp, golden brown.


While salad may be a typical vegan option, there’s nothing typical about the vegan ensalada served up at Mad Mex. Plunge into a plate brimming with fresh greens and veggie rancheros filling topped with our vegan cheese and drizzled with our signature chipotle lime vinaigrette.

Going vegan has never been as flavourful and fun as it can be at Mad Mex. Stop by the Clarendon Centre location today.