Tuesday, October 24, 2017

What Type Of Pasta Are You?

Whether you’re known for being wild, conventional or compassionate, there’s sure to be a type of pasta that matches your personality. World Pasta Day on Oct. 25 is the perfect time to discover what type of pasta that may be.



You’re the life of the party. The popular pal. The person everyone can’t help but love. Folks tend to adore you for your versatility, open-mindedness, and ability to bring substance to even the most boring ventures.


You’re a big fan of rich excitement, always ready to take on headfirst whatever life throws your way. Your strong personality and equally strong opinions are not to messed with. And you probably have at least one friend named Alfredo.


You’re very unique. Some may actually find you kind of strange. But that’s exactly what makes you so adorable. You’re also extremely confident on the outside, with a warm and wonderful heart on the inside.


Wild, crazy and way too much fun, you’re always leaving people laughing and wanting more. Folks can actually become somewhat addicted to your winsome personality, finding no day complete with at least a quick text or giggle from their favorite fusilli friend.


Strong, solid and brave, you don’t take any guff from anyone. You’re one of those people folks are thrilled to have as a best friend. They dig your no-nonsense personality, along with the fact that you could probably double as a bodyguard if they got into trouble.


Your mind and heart are both so full they’re overflowing! Your mind is home to a steady stream of meaty ideas, while your heart is packed with compassion. You’re the type that likes to hang out in groups, play matchmaker, and bring stray animals home.


You’re cute, crafty, creative and an overall delight. One of your strongest characteristics is coming up with ingenious solutions to the same-old problems that may have stymied mankind of centuries. You’re also a big fan of the unexpected.


Confident, conventional and downright brilliant, you’re definitely the analytical type. Your supreme organisational skills make you good pal to have on road trips or when following complicated casserole recipes.

Once you’ve discovered the pasta type that aligns with your personality, head on over to Etto Pasta in The Clarendon Centre to enjoy a delicious dish of the same!