Wednesday, August 01, 2018

What Your Burger-Eating Style Says about You (and the Right Way to Hold a Burger)

Burgers aren’t just for eating. Apparently they’re also for examining, analysing, and pondering by a behavioral food expert in Los Angeles and researchers in Japan. The food expert found how you eat a burger says a lot about your personality, while the Japanese researchers came up with the ideal way to hold a burger based on their scientific analysis.


Your Burger-Eating Personality

Let’s start with your burger-eating style, which can reveal finer points of your personality.

You skip the bun

Those who eat bun-less burgers tend to be free spirits who know what it takes for them to stay focused. To stay focused on avoiding carbs, for instance, they simply keep buns off the burger.

You discard items from the burger

Are you the type that picks off burger toppings, pulls off pieces of bun, or otherwise discards burger odds and ends that don’t suit your taste along the way? Your tendency is to be a tad controlling, but you’re also loads of fun.

You eat it with a knife and fork

These guys (and gals) are natural-born leaders. If they want to eat their burger with a knife and fork, they do so, without giving a hoot what other people think.

You eat it as it comes Solid, steadfast and true, the no-hassle burger eaters are team players. They’re not fond of drama and prefer a more straightforward, no-nonsense way of life.



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The Scientific Way to Hold a Burger

Unless you’re the knife-and-fork type, burger eating can get rather messy. That’s why three researchers in Japan were tasked with finding out the best way to hold a burger. The secret?

It’s all in the pinkie. Most folks hold a burger with their thumbs on the bottom bun and all other fingers along the top of the bun, resulting in much slipping, sliding and mess.

Science says the proper way to hold a burger is with the thumbs and the pinkie fingers along the bottom of the burn, with the three central fingers along the top. Try it. You may love it. Those who formerly used utensils may even love it enough to eschew the knife and fork.


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