Friday, August 11, 2017

When Bakers Have Scone It Again

If there's one thing our Bakers Delight know how to do, it's to bake bliss! For a LIMITED TIME only, choose and mix any four delicious scones in a 4-pack for just $6.50. Here, the tasty lowdown on these seasonal picks.



NEW Glazed Passionfruit & Raspberry Scone

Bringing your sweet-savoury tooth the ultimate gift comes the NEW Glazed Passionfruit & Raspberry Scone, which delectably combines real passionfruit with real raspberries within the signature Bakers Delight light and fluffy scone; finished with a heavenly passionfruit glaze.

And the result? Real joy for your taste buds. But these scones are ONLY available for a limited time only - just $2 each, or buy four for $6.50.


Choc Mud Scone

Destined for the chocolate lovers, the Choc Full or 'Choc Mud Scone' proves the perfect sweet treat this Winter. Boasting a plentiful amount of cocoa and chocolate chips, this scone can be ravished at breakfast time or as a luscious pick-me-up when that 3:30-itis kicks in! You won't need cream or jam to go with, as this scone provides more than enough flavour - all by its sweet self.


Berry & White Choc Scone

So berry pleasant, oh so berry tasty. Bite into the sweeter side without feeling so guilty with the Berry & White Choc Scone, which boasts a winning mix of white chocolate chips and real blueberries. This scone's warmer texture and enticing combination is certain to light your taste bulb!


Date Scone

This is one date that won't bore you! Packed with generous-sized dates and without any preservatives, the Date Scone is the complete classic - just delight-ful at any time of day. Whether you do or don't add jam and cream, you're bound to enjoy the simplicity yet appetising present this date offers; like a warm taste of home.

For a full range of scrumptious scones, head in-store to Bakers Delight South Melbourne, open 6 days a week, and entice your tastebuds with more flavours to choose from.

Get in fast!

Image Source: Bakers Delight