Friday, May 29, 2020

Where Can I Buy Roogenic Tea in Melbourne? Evelyn Faye Nutrition


You don’t necessarily need a tea shop near your home in Melbourne to find Roogenic Tea; all you need is Evelyn Faye Nutrition. Conveniently located in The Clarendon Centre, this health food shop boasts a huge variety of natural health products, including the award-winning Roogenic Tea.

Australian Tea at Its Finest

Australian native plants are the prime ingredient for Roogenic, a family owned, all-natural health food company that serves up a smattering of delicious teas and other products all made with care right here in Australia.

Roogenic teas are powerful and beloved enough to have won three Golden Leaf Tea Awards, an honour that distinguishes the highest-quality teas commercially available in the Australian marketplace. Roogenic Native Relaxation Tea nabbed a first place gold medal in the functional herbal tea category, while the company’s new artistic tea bag packaging and strawberry tea also won awards.

Roogenic Tea for Sleep and Other Benefits

In addition to their high-quality, Roogenic teas are known for their highly effective benefits. Whether you’re looking for the best antioxidant tea or best anti-inflammatory tea, you’re sure to find it with Roogenic. A quick rundown on some favorites available at Evelyn Faye Nutrition include:

  • Roogenic Relaxation Tea: Non-caffeinated Roogenic sleep tea to promote and sustain sleep
  • Roogenic Happiness Tea: Bush plant blend for promoting a happy mood and a healthy mind
  • Roogenic Anti-Inflammatory Tea: Non-caffeinated tea containing three superfoods hailed for their anti-inflammatory properties
  • Roogenic Super Detox Tea: Non-caffeinated tea to support the immune system and healthy digestion

Roogenic Strawberry Tea and More

If you prefer to choose your tea by flavour rather than functionality, you’ll find many to enjoy. Strawberry and goji berry tea are in the lineup, as is honey tea as well as lemon myrtle and rose tea.

No matter which variety you choose, you’re choosing wisely with Roogenic. Get your Roogenic Tea at Evelyn Faye Nutrition today.