Photo from CityMed’s Information Video Series

CityMed’s Information Video Series

Thank you to our frontline general practice staff at CityMed

Check out CityMed’s informational video series with Wes Johnson, CityMed’s Psychologist and Dr Nada Hassan.

Wes Johnson

Schedule some relaxation activites each and every day Turn worry into problem solving
Limit the amount of news Challenge negative thoughts
Supporting children during the pandemic Honest simple answers
Regular exercise and social contact Reflect confidence, control and optimism
Home schooling

Dr Nada Hassan

"How are you managing your usual patients who need appointments?" "What's something good coming out of the pandemic, from your professional perspective?"
"How are you supporting the mental health of your practice staff during this time? Why is this working so well?" "Have you experienced anything nice and perhaps out of the ordinary in the last few weeks?"