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KooKoo South Melbourne

Shop G4, The Clarendon Centre
Telephone: 03 9939 6886

Trade Hours:
Mon - Wed: 11am - 9pm
Thur - Sun: 11am - 10pm

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KooKoo is a burger restaurant aiming to provide the best burger choice to you!


KooKoo Burgers: Serving up the Best Burger Choices Around

Burgers are an all-time favourite for many, and KooKoo Burgers at Clarendon Centre is the place to find burgers that are totally over the top. Over-the-top with juiciness. Over-the-top with flavour. And over-the-top with the most fabulous burger options you've ever seen.

The aim of this South Melbourne burger restaurant is to provide the best burger choices around, and the shop easily has that goal covered with the intriguing lineup on its menu.

Burgers Bursting with Flavour

No matter what toppings you choose, every burger on the KooKoo Burgers menu starts with a scrumptiously juicy beef patty cooked just right. Those patties are served up nestled between a fresh sesame seed bun, with your choice of tantalizing toppings. Build your own burger as you wish, or choose from a creative collection of menu choices that consistently keep customers coming back for more.

Burgers Bursting with Toppings

Choosing burger toppings is an art, and that art is on full display with the enticing combinations dreamed up by KooKoo Burgers. One of the top customer favourites is the Uncle Sam, which keeps things relatively simple with lettuce, tomato, pickles, cheese and a special sauce.

Get a bit crazier with something like the Elvis Burger, which tops your beef patty with tomato, bacon, peanut sauce and raspberry jam. Several different menu options combine a beef burger with a chicken patty for a super hearty meal, while others amp up the spiciness to levels divine.

Other Menu Items

If you’re more in the mood for a dog, KooKoo Burgers provides creative options for those, too. Sensational sides include chips and soft drinks, which you can add to your order to make your meal complete.

Come to KooKoo Burgers at Clarendon Centre for burgers that are hot, tasty and sensationally satisfying, with options that please a huge range of personalities and styles. Stop by for lunch or dinner today.

KooKoo Burger Menu

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KooKoo Sides Menu

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