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Oporto South Melbourne

Shop G18A, The Clarendon Centre
Telephone: 03 9686 0293

Trade Hours:
Monday – Sunday: 10.00am - 10.00pm

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Oporto: Australia's Top Portuguese Chicken Restaurant

Looking for a Portuguese chicken restaurant that makes you forget there’s any other way to enjoy chicken? You’ll find it with Oporto. That’s right. One of Australia’s most well-loved and wildly popular restaurants is conveniently located in South Melbourne.

Since its founding in 1986, Oporto has become a household name throughout the nation – and beyond. More than 100 Oporto Portuguese chicken restaurant locations have set up shop throughout Australia, New Zealand, India, the United Kingdom and Sri Lanka.

The Oporto at Clarendon Centre is a full-service eat-in or take-away restaurant serving the full selection of foods many have come to know and adore. Some even warn the food is so good it’s addictive, especially the Spicy Chicken Bolas. It must be that Portuguese chicken seasoning.

While you’ll obviously find plenty of chicken on the menu, you’ll find it served up in a variety of different ways. You’ll also find other options to suit a wide range of tastes.

In fact, you could learn a lot about your own tastes — and personality — if you opt for one of the burgers. Our blog features a fun post on What Your Burger-Eating Style Says about You.

Oporto Menu

The Portuguese chicken seasoning brings the heavenly taste to the straight-up chicken options, which include flame-grilled chicken and chicken tenders. Portuguese chicken burgers also share the scrumptious flavour, with a selection that includes the Bondi Burger, a chicken BLT burger, chicken and cheeseburger, and even a vegetarian burger option.

Additional Oporto menu choices include wraps and bowls, side dishes, snacks and a kids’ section. Don’t forget the Share a Meal selection with larger portions, or the Oporto Meal Deals designed for an even larger crowd of Portuguese chicken fans.

Oporto Menu Comes to You

Have a yen for Oporto’s yummy fixings but don’t feel like leaving the house? Then don’t. While the Oporto in Clarendon Centre is certainly convenient, you can make it even more convenient by having the Oporto menu come to you. You get two choices for home delivery, and both come with awesome Oporto deals.

  • Oporto on Deliveroo: The online food delivery company is geared up to bring you Oporto. Oporto deals on the Deliveroo menu include the delightful deal dish of Chimi Chicken and Chips. The marvellous meal gets you a quarter chicken with the new chimichurri basting, along with the shop’s fabulous fries.
  • Oporto on Menulog: The online food ordering app of Menulog is another way you can bring the Oporto menu to you. Oporto deals here include brilliant bundles. Choose from meals that serve one to four folks, opting for burgers or chicken as you wish.

Oporto Reviews

While delicious descriptions and fast facts give you a good idea about what to expect from the Oporto at Clarendon Centre, you get an even better idea when you start to dig into the Oporto reviews. You’ll find more than 100 of them on the Google business page alone, with a high overall rating for so many reasons.

Some delighted diners focus on the food, which they say is freshly cooked and always a treat. “Oporto chips are the best,” says one, while another notes you get tons of fries.

Others love the fast service and convenient location, making Oporto the ideal spot for a quick meal. Ample indoor and outdoor seating ensures you’re likely to have a place to sit, even during peak hours, in a “clean and tidy” environment. The speedy preparation also makes the restaurant a favourite for takeaways.

Courteous, prompt and professional staff is another factor that keeps Oporto South Melbourne at the top. Even when you have no idea what to order. The happy Oporto staff will gladly point you in the right direction with a delish dish that suits your mood.

Oporto Quality and Taste

Oporto didn’t become a household name by accident. The Portuguese chicken restaurant has long upheld high standards of quality and taste. Its chicken is fresh, not frozen. Grilled, not fried. Cage-free chicken with no added hormones is the only chicken you’ll find on the Oporto menu in South Melbourne.

The next time you're hankering for a Portuguese chicken burger or other Oporto delight, swing by the Clarendon Centre.



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