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Oporto South Melbourne

Shop G18A, The Clarendon Centre
Telephone: 03 9686 0293

Trade Hours:
Monday – Sunday: 10.00am - 10.00pm

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Oporto: Australia's Top Portuguese Chicken Restaurant

Looking for a Portuguese chicken restaurant that makes you forget there’s any other way to enjoy chicken? You’ll find it with Oporto. That’s right. One of Australia’s most well-loved and wildly popular restaurants is conveniently located in Clarendon Centre.

Since its founding in 1986, Oporto has become a household name throughout the nation – and beyond. More than 100 Oporto Portuguese chicken restaurant locations have set up shop throughout Australia, New Zealand, India, the United Kingdom and Sri Lanka.

The Oporto at Clarendon Centre is a full-service eat-in or take-away restaurant serving the full selection of foods many have come to know and adore. Some even warn the food is so good it’s addictive, especially the Spicy Chicken Bolas. It must be that Portuguese chicken seasoning.

While you’ll obviously find plenty of chicken on the menu, you’ll find it served up in a variety of different ways. You’ll also find other options to suit a wide range of tastes.

Oporto Menu

The Portuguese chicken seasoning brings the heavenly taste to the straight-up chicken options, which include flame grilled chicken and chicken tenders. Portuguese chicken burgers also share the scrumptious flavour, with a selection that includes the Bondi Burger, a chicken BLT burger, chicken and cheese burger, and even a vegetarian burger option.

Additional Oporto menu choices include wraps and bowls, side dishes, snacks and a kids’ section. Don’t forget the Share a Meal selection with larger portions, or the Oporto Meal Deals designed for an even larger crowd of Portuguese chicken fans.

Oporto Quality and Taste

Oporto didn’t become a household name by accident. The Portuguese chicken restaurant has long upheld high standards of quality and taste. Its chicken is fresh, not frozen. Grilled, not fried. Cage-free chicken with no added hormones is the only chicken you’ll find on the Oporto menu in South Melbourne.

The next time you're hankering for a Portuguese chicken burger or other Oporto delight, swing by the Clarendon Centre.



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